Part of my Journey to Remembrance

My family and I have returned from an incredible trip to Somme, France. We were able to visit both the Canadian Beaumont-Hamel and Courcelette memorials. Walking onto Beaumont-Hamel, I felt as I had truly arrived back in Canada. The park-like setting is both haunting and peaceful at the same time. The young Canadian men and women caretakers are knowledgeable guides and it's hard to put into words the emotions that washed over me. “Being there” is enormous as to reading one’s history and simply knowing.  I am pleased that my husband and I had brought our children there and very proud of the Newfoundland regiment’s memorial that Canada has made. The Courcelette memorial is surrounded by Maple trees and well maintained. It is a place of contemplation considering the sacrifices that were made by those Canadians. The words that circumference the memorial read "Honour to Canadians who on the fields of Flanders and of France fought in the cause of the Allies with sacrifice and devotion."

We will remember them.